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 Important: Hear my story and how I could have used a stronger mental mindset at the most crucial time in my career!
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Chad's story and WHY he is working with athletes now:

Are you playing to you full potential as an athlete or  have you ever doubted yourself as an athlete?  

Me too!   

Hello, my name is Chad Hermansen.  I spent over 20 years in professional baseball as a former player and scout.   

I played in the big leagues for the Pirates, Cubs, Dodgers, and Blue Jays and had many ups and downs as a player with the mental side of the game.  
As a former high first round pick, i had some high expectations, and you can imagine the expectations placed on me.  

In the minors I had a lot of success offensively, that included a lot of home runs to go along with and a lot of strike outs.
As a 17-21 year old, I was one of the top prospects in the game in the late 90’s.   

Once I moved off of shortstop and settled into the outfield. The Pirates labeled me as their top outfield prospects they have had since Barry Bonds!  
Ever heard of him?  Arguable one of the top 10 players ever!  This is what I mean by the expectations!   

Over the next few years, I went on to hit 60 homers in AAA as a 20 and 21-year- old. That success warranted me my first call up at the age of 21.   

I went through a whole lot of battles with the mental game, doubting myself with liming beliefs.  

At the highest level, I had spots where I felt I could hit anybody, and spots where I wondered if I would ever get a hit again.   

Back when I played working on the mental game wasn’t really talked about.    
There was a book or two and it was certainly starting to sprout up, but I personally felt that if I wanted to speak with someone, that it meant I must have something wrong with me and I certainly didn’t want to give off that vibe.  

I would say that was one of my biggest regrets looking back.  Is not being open about the struggles that I went through and discuss the thoughts I had about letting down by not becoming the next Barry Bonds.   

Do you ever feel like you are letting your parent’s, coaches, or teammates down when you don’t do well?  

This was certainly a struggle for me and wasn’t sure how to deal with that.  
A lot has this changed in sports over the last 10 years or so!   

Now all the major sports teams have taken care of this for professional athletes with sports psychologists and mental performance coaches.  

Some are clinical psychologist with specific training and schooling, and   
some are former athletes that have used their experiences and use their insights as former players and know what it’s like to be in the box when a   
95+ MPH fastball is coming at you, or how hard it is to hit that sharp slider down and away!  

Consider me the latter of the two!   

If the professionals have to access to this coaching, what about   
You the amateur player who is 12-18 for example?

Seeing players struggles from t-ball all the way to the big-leagues and knowing how the mental game works, it’s something I personally believe every player should have a coach to go to and be able to speak with when needed.  

I’ve realized that working on the mental game needs to be worked on at a younger age, and probably younger than we think!   

I want to help athletes with a solution.   

Over the last eight years I was an area scout for the Angels. I spent a lot of time talking to players I was scouting about the mental game, and many of them wish they started working on it earlier or had a coach to work through some things when they needed.  

Realizing I would only have so many hours in a day to work with players individually, I needed something that could reach more athletes.   

So, my solution to this was creating an online training system for you to get to work on at home.  

I call this system the Mental Edge Video Vault.   

I’ve created 40+ videos and counting for you or your athlete to work on the mental, emotion, and physical side of being an athlete.   

It's built for them to go at their own pace and they can pick which one to work on. 

After each video, I ask you some questions for you to start to work on and have an awareness of. I encourage you to use a journal to answer the questions and simply give them some thought.

It’s up to you what you do with those questions and how you want to implement. I highly encourage action steps with many of these videos.  

I will add new videos over time when new topics or continual questions get brought up that is in need of a video being created.
These video will help you with having a better understanding of the mental game and will provide certain skills and strategies you can implement on and off the field.  

The video vault is for any athlete,  any sport,  any age.   

Of course, many of my stories and how I implement things  will be heavily baseball related.   

In fact, I will have a baseball and softball section that is specific for those athletes.  

If you're playing another sport , simply input your sport.  

There is no sport out there that the mental game doesn’t apply to!  

The bonus!   

This is not just about watching videos and wishing you the best!  

I will be there to support you or your athlete through my live weekly or  
Bi-weekly Zoom calls.  

You will have questions or maybe even hiccups as you start to implement   
the material. I will be there to help!  

I have been doing these weekly calls for a while now, and it’s great conversation.  We all learn from each other!  

I will be able to help you or your athletes and give them different perspective that comes from a former big-league player. Someone who has years of scouting experience, and also one that loves working on the mental game   
and in constant study of helping athletes reduce interference.

How much is the video vault?

The Video Vault is  a renewable membership system at $99 per year   

It’s completely up to you how much you want to get on the live calls and participate. Some like to get on and listen and learn, it's totally up to you! 

This system is also about growth. I do encourage participation as it helps with being able to learn how to talk in front of other people and practicing getting uncomfortable.  

Be assured that I will be there to support you and help you along the way!  

A quick heads up!  There are many that will love the video vault , but would also like the chance to work with me privately one-on-one.  

I also do one-on–one calls through Zoom and will give you a chance to do that when you checkout.  

I want to thank you for taking the time and listening to my story  and here why I’m so passionate about coaching others and being a person your athlete can go to and trust.  

Below, I’ve included some testimonials and interviews that I have done with former teammates, coaches, and scouts through my YouTube Channel Mental Edge Training Coach.   

The one with Hall of Famer Greg Maddux is awesome!  

He tells about how he worked with a performance coach when he played.  
So, what is the next step?   

Let's get you started right away! 

To become a member, click on the big red button below, enroll and you can get access to the video vault today! 

Once you get started, pace yourself and allow time to soak in the content   
I do not recommend a whole bunch of videos at a time. 

Watch one, work on it a few days, and then go to another video.  

Lets get you prepared for your best year ever!   

I’ll see you in the Vault and on the live calls!  

Take Care!

Chad Hermansen

Any questions you can reach me at


"Baseball is a very mental game and coming back from an injury is one of the toughest mental aspects of the game. I am just coming back off Tommy John surgery that made me unsure of how I was going to perform once I got back on the mound. With Chad Hermansen’s Mental Edge Training he has shown me ways to overcome that fear, for example to throw a slider or a change up again and just the mental aspects of being motivated to go work hard and be the best player that I can possibly be. This program has helped me in many ways and it's been a lot of fun being on the live weekly calls with him and the other players. This is a no brainer!
Janzen Keisel 2021 Grad and BYU Commit

"Our son feel into a pattern of overthinking on the mound, which impacted his game and his recruiting prospects. Working with Chad Hermansen and Mental Edge Coaching , he was able to incorporate real and practical strategies that helped his mental focus.  As a result, our son signed with a top college baseball program and has been invited to the MLB draft portal. Working with Chad helped our son get to the next level with his game and his approach has provide a strong mental foundation for our son's baseball future." 
Randy & Erin Faherty Parents of Jake Faherty Kentucky

"With my pitching, I started to over analyze every pitch which hurt my focus and gave me anxiety . Coach Hermansen taught me strategies that I can use in the game when it counts, and how I can apply his coaching off the field and in my everyday life.  Because of our work together, I am able to keep my composure on the mound and feel so much better! He is super easy to talk to and our one-on-one calls have been awesome!" 
Jake Faherty Kentucky 

"Working with Chad has been a very helpful tool in preparing for games and staying confident. Mental toughness is something I have not spent a lot of time on. After working with Chad, I have become a big believer in the mental preparation of your sport. He has given me great tips on how to stay focused and have a positive attitude while playing and preparing for games. He is a great source to go to for mental help in your game."
Ezra McNaughton Mountain View HS Arizona

“My 12 year old son Jackson has a goal to play sports in college. He’s always been a natural athlete but has struggled mentally throughout the Covid pandemic. We turned to Chad and his mental edge training to keep his mind sharp and his spirits up. Chad helped him set goals and focus on the things he can control. Jackson respects Chad, and worked to be accountable to him in a way that was far more effective than being accountable to mom and dad (who are annoying), his coaches (who have dozens of kids to train), or even himself (who’d rather watch YouTube). I highly recommend Chad to any young athlete who has a desire to get to the next level.”
Jesse Humphries mother

Working with the University of Northern Colorado Baseball team

"When I first started working with Chad I wasn’t in a good place on and off the field. Having someone there who would listen and also gave me tools to help gain my confidence back was huge. I am a collegiate athlete and I can only imagine how far ahead I would be if I would have worked with him earlier in my career. We as athletes focus so much of our time and energy into our physical skills when really the mental side of the game is just as important if not more important. My game really started to excel when I started to put that time and energy into my head, and the results have been nothing but fun!"
Cooper Rust Northern Colorado Baseball

"Chad has done a great job of not only helping me between the lines with the mental side as well of routines & examples of ways to be better as a player. But also just growing a personal relationship with him, that helps me talk even life with him & growing as an individual outside of the field. I highly recommend him to anyone who has trouble with the mental side of the game in baseball as he has had multiple experiences at a high level & always has great information/recommendations of how to get through any tough spot."
Quin Ayers Northern Colorado Baseball 

"I’ve known Chad for a few years now after being on staff Utah Valley and Grand Canyon. I got to see how hard Chad worked as an area scout with the Angels as well as witnessing how talented Chad was as a talent evaluator. Chad is a true professional. I worked with Chad in communicating with him about local and regional prospects. Chad always knew about prospects I asked him about and would give a thorough evaluation and honest opinion. Chad was easy to trust and was always willing to help. 

Not only did I get to know Chad professionally, but I got to know Chad off the field as well. Chad has the utmost integrity and truly wants the best for players and parents in the game. His baseball experience and knowledge combined with his character give Chad the ability to give players and parents the resources, help and information they need to succeed."

Derek Amicone. Former collegiate assistant coach at Utah, Oregon, Utah Valley and Grand Canyon

Hall of Famer Greg Maddux shares why he had a mental skills coach!

Interviews with Dodgers closer Eric Gagne, Aaron Rowand, Jeff Banister, 
and Jeff "She Gone" Frye 

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