Mental Dashboard: “Distinctions That Give Power”

Mental Dashboard and the Movements that Create Power

What you either unconsciously or consciously train yourself to pay attention to significantly influences your ability to live powerfully.

Understanding and applying these unique distinctions will transform your performance as well as your life.

Moving from Disengagement to Awareness: High performers are train themselves to be engaged and in the moment. This allows for new levels of awareness which in turn improve learning.

Moving from Preoccupation to Reflection: In a busy world with an emphasis on activity most people are constantly preoccupied and therefore, missing opportunities to learn from their current experiences.

Moving from Judgement to Description: We constantly make judgements about our performance. We tell ourselves often that we were either “good” or “bad”. This type of judgement only serves to ignite our emotion and rarely productively. Simply describing our actions against our desired outcomes can provide us with powerful information to make adjustments to improve our performance.

These distinctions provide us with power to align our thinking with the best practices of those that leading people to reach their potential and live and perform in powerful ways!

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Tune Into the Mental Dashboard

Being our best requires the ability to maximize the power of the mind. most of us have never learned how to do this. For this purpose I have created the MENTAL DASHBOARD.

This dashboard provides direction and clarity so you can tap into the power of your mind.

There tends to be a fair amount of confusion surrounding the efficient functioning of the mind. For this reason I have created the ATHLETES MENTAL DASHBOARD.

This DashBoard keeps optimal mental functioning front and center allowing the athlete to utilize their brain as a weapon as opposed to a weight.


Engaging your mind to be purposeful begins to charge the mind with the initial

2. PRODUCTIVITY VS EFFORT: achievement is about being able to be productive. Effort is meant to serve the productivity. Sometimes we over value work and under value being productive.

3. DESCRIPTION VS JUDGEMENT: When we take the time to reflect on our performance it is more helpful to think about describing our performance then judging it. We are the worse evaluators of our own performance.

Keeping these concepts on our dashboard will help us be our best as well as continue to reach for heights beyond our current experience.

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Challenges Sports Parents Face

How to Address the Challenges of Parenting Athletes

Sports Parenting in the 21st Century
Sports Parenting in the 21st Century

For the sake of this presentation I have organized my thoughts around the 5 whats:
What to do?
What to Expect?
What to Say?
What to let go of?
What to Care About?

what to do:
1. Provide Opportunity
2. Provide Equipment
3. Provide Structure
4. Provide an Ear
5. Provide Transportation
6. Provide Positive Energy
7. Provide Spectatorship

What to Expect:
1. Favoritism
2. Lack of fairness
3. disappointment
4. Surprise
5. Confusion
6. Negativity
7. Frustration
8. Discouragement
9. Challenges
10. Opportunity

What to Say?
1. As little as possible
2. The truth tactfully
3. That which might be helpful to facilitate maturity
4. That which helps to create structure for learning.
5. What your expectations are.

What to Let go of?
1. Control over the outcomes
2. Unrealistic Expectations
3. Success
4. Opinions of what might be wrong
5. Need to change something
6. The hope that your child is the next athletic superstar
7. Getting the perfect coach

What is NON-NEGOTIABLE and worthy of focus
1. Your child’s Maturation
2. An opportunity to participate with clear expectations.
3. Coaches Feedback: This is critical for the development, maturation, self awareness, and long term learning.
4. Safe emotional and physical environment
5. Interaction with coaches without fear of child punishment if done respectfully and within guidelines laid out by team, organization, or club.
6. Building of coping, time management, stress, and focus skills.
7. Team skills;
8. Problem solving skills needed because of the challenges that will inevitably come up because of participation.

What we do, expect, say, let go of, and hope to accomplish dictates our experience and capacity to maintain sanity in a sometimes insane world.

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High Performance Energy!

Keys to High Performance Energy Creation

High Performance Energy
High Performance Energy

Being our best requires the presence of many attributes. Maybe the most overlooked attribute of high performance is the presence of ENERGY. For the purposes of this writing I am not talking about physical energy that is generated mainly from the combination of diet, training, and sleep.

Today I want to clearly define (4) ENERGY GENERATORS of the mind. These are frames of mind that enhance and allow the individual to generate energy that is often utilized to enhance high performance.

1. Optimism: The choice to look for and create positive meaning even when that meaning may not be obvious or easy to find. People that are intentional about doing this are capable of generating greater amounts of energy that often sets them above those that are not doing the same.

2. Creativity: When a person is strong in their ability to be creative it means they are committed and capable of creating vision, possibility, and belief when others struggle to see beyond their circumstances often dismantling their capacity to act powerfully.

3. Flexibility: Operating with the capacity to respond to change while maintaining a continued commitment to achievement and excellence is a power skill. To often when things do not go the way they are “expected’ to go many lose hope and belief when a simple adjustment would keep them on track without compromising.

4. Focus: The capacity to concentrate and act on high powered variables consistently over time is the true essence of success. Most people lose the fight for their goals in the deep despair of distractions. Maintaining focus through the thick and plentiful number of distractions is a game changer for the HIGH PERFORMER.

Optimism, creativity, flexibility, and focus are the energy generators of the HIGH PERFORMER. Make a commitment today to add these critical emotional energizers to your skill set today!

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Are You All In?

Are You All In?
Are You All In?

I was having a meeting over coffee last week and during the conversation a friend of mine said (3) words that I have not been able to get out of my mind. These words are not hard to understand or do.  However, it was these three words that  captured my heart leading me to really examine my life and the way I want to live and lead day after day.

To put this in context the three of us there at the time, were strategizing, creating, and brain-storming a way to powerfully impact the lives of some young athletes. We discussed the goals and objectives of our program, along with, how we envisioned the plan playing out. There certainly wasn’t anything abnormal about this type of conversation. This was all important stuff.

However, the reason these words were so powerful for me is that at the core of any successful plan, team, family, relationship, mission or program is people that are ALL IN!  At the center  of being ALL IN is Commitment, Integrity, Energy, Character, Talent, Network, Skills, and an engaged heart. This led me to ask myself a question? What has happened to people whole-heartedly, committing and investing themselves into the dreams they imagine and the people they love? I can imagine many things can contribute to playing it safe, or not giving oneself to something or someone. Distractions, responsibilities, and fear would top my list. These dynamics certainly are in force in today’s society. But, I think there is more to it.

I believe we have stopped calling forth and expecting excellence from people. We appear to have fallen asleep! Asking someone to give their all  often is interpreted as a burden rather then a pathway to lifetime fulfillment and true self respect.  Let’s ignite the pathways of fulfillment and self respect by calling others to BE ALL IN!

Are you ready to be ALL IN?

1. Make a commitment to REACH for an ambitious goal.

2. Tell someone else about your goal and ask them to PARTNER with you.

3. Schedule your blocked time to work towards your goal.

4. Evaluate your results regularly to make adjustments.


No Cohesion, Huge Costs

Cohesion: A Lost Concept of Our World

Lost Place of Cohesion
Lost Place of Cohesion

There are many inspiring stories that highlight the power of a “team”.  One such movie is “Miracle”, a movie that tells the epic story of the 1980 Olympic Hockey teams unprecedented journey to the gold medal. There are many riveting moments in the movie however, one stands out  for me; The team had been selected and many of the players seemed to be a bit to comfortable with the fact they had simply made the team.  This sense of comfort lead to a nonchalant attitude and a complete lack of focus. In a heated moment Herb Brooks confronts one player amongst the team and said;  “The name on the front of your jersey is a lot more important then the one on the back!.

There is a timeliness to this comment today in 2013.

Do we really believe this? Do our actions energy, and attitudes  support the idea that the team is of greater importance then any one persons success? For the sake of this writing I would have to say “NO” we do not believe this.  Before, I go further I need to clarify that I do believe that people need to have individual fulfillment. The team should allow for the success of each person. However, I believe that we are producing groups of individuals that play  by and for themselves surrounded by others, rather then a team that plays together allowing for individuals to shine in specific roles that support the goals of the TEAM. The lack of true team COHESION is costing each individual. The potential of a team is realized as each player is expected and equipped to succeed in a role that is a perfect fit for their skill set. Because the team counts on them to excel in this role it tends to raise the effectiveness of others in different roles. Our teams are underachieving because;

1. Athletes in support roles often feel diminished because they are in less glamorous roles and therefore, feel less significant and important.

2. Coaches tend to give more coaching and attention to players that are more skilled and talented therefore, send messages of insignificance to players less skilled.

3. Team cohesion is often spoken of but rarely intentionally built. Increasing the cohesiveness of the team requires a game plan and regular intention.  It is not accidental and is often treated as an after thought left to chance or the job of team captains.

4. Parents often seek only the promotion of their own child doing anything to make sure their child stands out even if they are not wired or skilled for that type of role.

5. Athletes are jumping from team to team in a desperate search for the place that “I” can stand out.

6. Many seem to chase the illusion that the only way to progress in the sport world is to stand out. What many feel to realize is that coaches look for people that can play a role and execute it well. They know that building a successful team requires different athletes that can fit different roles and do so within the context of a TEAM.

When we believe that our success now or at anytime happens outside of the context of other skilled, talented, and passionate people we have bought into a way of thinking that will only limit us.

Working collaboratively with others towards a shared goal and mission,  committed to the success of the “Team”, while working to be my best can result in success that is inspirational. Not doing so is costly.

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Thriving through Uncertainity by Showing Up!

Thriving and Showing Up!

Thriving and Showing Up
Thriving and Showing Up

The one certainty about life is experiencing moments of uncertainty. With uncertainty often comes doubt, confusion, anxiety and for some debilitating levels of fear. The question is how do you thrive in these moments and utilize them for growth and stepping stones of greatness.

The answer really lies in where you put your focus and power. What I mean by this is: What are you relying on to turn your doubt, anxiety, and fear into certainty, peace, and courage? Most, leave the answers leading to their peace of mind, certainty, and courage in the hands of circumstances hoping everything will go as planned. Doing so strips us from our greatest form of influence, power, and greatness. Let me pose a question: Would you rather put your well being in the hands of circumstances, other people’s cooperation, and everything going as planned or in your capacity to “Show Up”!?

Showing up means clearly, intentionally, and consciously, embodying the best you have to bring. Your best energy, attitude, effort, and talent to generate the experience and results you are seeking. This puts you in the driver seat to BE what it takes to create what it is your looking for. There are (3) principles important to thriving in the midst of uncertainty.

1. Remember it is up to you: How you show up each and every day is vital in shaping and influencing the results you experience.

2. Beware of projection: trying to predict the way things are going to go usually is the result of trying to protect yourself from failure and disappointment.

3. Leverage your greatness in uncertainty. Who you are and how you utilize the greatness in you is powerful when facing moments and times of uncertainty.

Uncertainty is part of all of our lives. Courageously, and boldly “Showing Up” is our greatest form of influence and power to shape how we convert uncertainty into courageous self expression leading to being our best when it count the most!

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Courageous Living

Courageous Living: How to Overcome Fear and Live Courageously

Courageous Living
Courageous Living

Today’s concept is courageous living.  Unfortunately fear is still dominating to many people’s lives. When asked, most people report being afraid to speak in public, rejection, heights, failure and change. Regardless of what your version of fear might be it is important that you are not driven or dominated by your fears. When fear is in the drivers seat and calling the shots in your life you are like a finely tuned engine functioning on half it’s horsepower.

QUESTION: How do you overcome fear and live powerfully driven by your passion living up into your potential?Generating COURAGE through being able to live grounded in (3) Questions:

1. What do I know for sure?

2. What do I have control over?

3. What is my deepest fear?

Giving time to reflect on these clear and powerful questions allows you to tap into a power allowing you to live courageously reaching for a life that reflects freedom and ultimate self expression!

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“Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience 1.0 3 Group Sessions
Every team begins the season with high expectations for the year. Most players have invested in extra training to improve their speed, strength and skills. One overlooked component of success is how players will relate to each other and whether or not these relationships hold them back or propel them towards their goals as a team.

Building relationships with team members requires intentionality and consistency. The “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience is a dynamic experience that challenges players to engage in relationship-building conversations leading members to a sense of connectedness and being understood and known for more than just their skills as an athlete. When this happens, players grow in their understanding of each other leading to enhanced levels of cooperation and stronger team play. Our “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience has received rave reviews and is a cutting-edge program for those looking to intentionally grow a strong sense of team.

“Who’s Got Your Back?” Team Experience 2.0 (1.0 pre-requisite)
First Session (first month of season)
Reintroduction to the principles of a “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team
Team Building Experience: Vulnerability
Weekly home work challenges
Every Sunday evening a new and progressive homework challenge will be sent via       email        to each member of the coaching staff.
Each challenge will strive to build the relationships of the team in a way that enhances both their life and athletic experience.
Bi-weekly Leader Conference
Every two weeks through out the season the coaching staff and captains will be asked to participate in a conference call
aiming to solidify the concepts of a “Who’s Got Your Back?” Team. This call will be lead by a Mental Edge Performance Coach
and will also be a venue to discuss team issues that are developing during the season.
Second and Final Session (last month of season)
We’ll review of principles, discussion of issues and the team’s homework assignment.
Team Building Experience: Generosity and Honesty

Hourly Consulting
Available for individuals and groups desiring our feedback and input on a challenge they are facing. On an hourly basis we offer our expertise to help provide the most positive experience possible while creating a mindset of confidence in overcoming your challenge.

Group Presentations
Mental Edge Performance Coaches are available to make presentations to your team, association, school, coaches, parents or business. We have many topic-specific presentations to choose from or you may request a presentation that is specific to your current situation.

Mind Strength Audio Download or CD
A 12-minute sport-specific audio presentation intended to give athletes of all ages the opportunity to learn about some of the concepts important to managing the mental side of sports and competition. Nine (9) versions include: Football, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Sports (General), Baseball, and Goaltending.


Young athletes and parents are pulled in every direction by high school coaches, camp directors, and youth coaches. They are playing up to 3 sports at a time, training multiple different ways each week and playing games on weekends. Questions related to their development go unanswered and/or overlooked; At what age should I start to specialize? Am I ready for the training volume? Whom should I train with and how often? Is the high school program capable of developing my full potential or should I look for outside help? How do I prevent injuries from occurring? How does nutrition really work? Am I leadership material? Am I mentally tough? And the ultimate question, what is the best path for me or my athlete’s long-term development in life, as well as, an athlete?

The McCarthy Project will turn your questions, frustration, guesswork and confusion on the process of developing elite performance into a clear and concise path that will allow the athlete to reach their full potential. The McCarthy Project will build relationships with the athlete’s coaches, assess and develop a program based on the athlete’s individual situation and appropriately challenge the athlete by adhering to the best practices of athletic development throughout the entire year. We will work directly with you and your athlete, on a personal and individual level, to develop a path for the attainment of elite performance in life and sport.

Attack Consulting:
1. 12 month consulting services over-seeing all areas of athlete’s development
2. 24 one-on-one training sessions
3. Live, Game-Action Video Assessment
4. Athlete Functional Assessment
5. Athlete Strength Assessment and Nike Sparq Testing
6. Nutritional Health Consultation
7. Mental Toughness Mastery Training by Mental Edge: Assess, Interpretation and Plan

Full Assault Consulting:
1. 12 month consulting services over seeing all areas of athlete’s development
2. 24 one-on-one training sessions
3. Live, Game-Action Video Assessment
4. Athlete Functional Assessment
5. Athlete Strength Assessment and Nike Sparq Testing
6. Nutritional Health Consultation
7. Mental Toughness Mastery Training by Mental Edge-24 weeks